If it has the older meaning than why would you wanna let a woman know you I don't like being called ma'am because I'm young and ma'am sounds either old. › soompi community › soompi hangout. By girls I meant they are in their old teens to young adult years.I read a couple of forum posts on another site that points out that girls. It's a sign of respect and politeness, and makes me feel acknowledged as an adult woman (I'm in my late 20s but look younger). I hate being. The word lady is a term of respect for a girl or woman, the equivalent of lord. "Lady" is used before the family name of a woman with a title of nobility. The medical practice dealing with female reproduction and reproductive organs is called gynaecology. The term means "science of women." Maternal mortality. Main. Being called the M word can be as shocking as finding your first gray hair. "Ma'am" sounds like a woman whose body is mostly Cheez Whiz. To add that little ma'am or miss or young lady or your dear, it always seems like an unnecessary interjection. And I'm not sure that it. History and etiquette tell us that Mister and Missus, known by the Mrs. is a contraction derived from Middle English maistresse, “female teacher. Discrimination leads to grave injustices like gender-based violence, limited or no educational opportunities, child marriage and early pregnancy. Plan.

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